A overview of my meager web pages . . .

perhaps it reflects my mind over time?

"I have spread my Dreams under your feet.

Tread softly, because you tread on my dreams."

- William Butler Yeats.

Perhaps the easiest way to create a web page begins with a few odd links plucked from a bookmarks file. What could be a better way to create an interesting page than to use the links that have been interesting enought to store locally for future reference. Perhaps some conceptual catagories will emerge from the list, slowly fleshing out into a hypermedia document.

Here are just a few of the People on the Net that are good for a visit. Often people forget that a web is constructed from many strands linking together otherwise independant nodes. All too often new web sites emerge that are just so many billboard advertisements decorating the infobaun. One might even to venture a guess, "the slicker the graphics, the fewer external links."

Ever wonder what is going on in the news . . . Which News . ? ! UseNet News of course . ? ! Find a newsgroup that apeals to your sense of urgency, read a while to get in the swing, and then join into the conversation. If your interests are not represented by a current news group, find 9 other people with similar intrests and start a new one.

Are you interested in Programming in the present or future ? There will always be a need to speak in rigourous terms to the computer. As many ways to speak as there are programmers, operating systems, and computer science departments. What do you get when you cross a multiuser object oriented language with a virtual environment . . . A view of CyberSpace . . . not all together new "Welcome to the MOOniverse . . . " A virtual world space (heh:) .

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